PRESS RELEASE: U.S. commits to greater aid transparency

The U.S. decision to sign up to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), signals a very welcome increase in their commitment to open, coordinated and transparent aid, said campaign group Publish What You Fund today. The announcement was made by the...

Publish What You Fund in the Financial Times

Alan Beattie writes in the Financial Times yesterday, 15th September, on the state of play in the aid business in the run up to the MDGs. He reports a shift in the international aid agenda has shifted from a focus on the quantity of aid to a language of results – a consequence of donors repeatedly missing their targets, coupled with fiscal tightening.

PRESS RELEASE: Publish What You Fund Welcomes UK Aid Transparency Guarantee

 London – Publish What You Fund yesterday welcomed the announcement of a new “Aid Transparency Guarantee” by the UK Government. The Guarantee promises that “aid information will be made fully transparent to citizens in both the UK and recipient countries”. Implementing these standards in the UK and advocating for other donors to adopt the same will result in a significant increase in aid effectiveness.