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Publish What You Fund is grateful to the many people involved in producing this Index.

Particular thanks go to peer reviewers who have advised on the approach, methodology and earlier drafts of this report. Their comments and suggestions were gratefully received.

The 2018 reviewers included:

  • Bill Anderson, IATI Secretariat
  • Andrew Clarke, Omidyar Network
  • Silvana Fumega, Latin America Open Data Initiative
  • Brian Hammond, Adviser, IATI Secretariat
  • Winnie Kamau, Association of Freelance Journalists
  • Anita Kappeli, Centre for Global Development
  • Niels Keijzer, German Development Institute
  • Liz Mc Grath, National Resource and Governance Institute
  • Afshin Merpouya, HEC Paris
  • Claire Shouten, International Budget Partnership

We also thank all 42 independent reviewers from civil society organisations, think tanks and universities who provided feedback on our assessment and donors’ comments.