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European Commission


The three EC agencies remain in the ‘good’ category but EC-ECHO is now leading the way, closely followed by EC-NEAR and EC-DEVCO.

All three EC agencies publish to the IATI Registry on a monthly basis.

All EC agencies score above 85% of the total points for both the organisational planning and commitments, as well as the project attributes indicator, with EC-ECHO scoring highest for each. Among the EC agencies, EC-NEAR performs best for the finance and budgets component due to being the only EC agency to provide project budget documents. Within the joining-up development data, only EC-ECHO scores on contracts and none of the EC agencies scores for tenders. EC-ECHO and EC-NEAR score above the total average for the performance component, whereas EC-DEVCO scores below the total average. EC-DEVCO is the only EC agency to score on results. While EC-NEAR provides objectives, pre-project impact appraisals and results, EC-ECHO’s data lacks results. None of the EC agencies scores for reviews and evaluations.

10. EC-ECHO - 77.5 11. EC-NEAR - 76.4 17. EC-DEVCO - 65.8