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The French Agency for Development (France-AFD) and the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (France-MEAE) are included in the ‘fair’ category with France-AFD ranking one place above France-MEAE.

France-AFD started publishing to the IATI Registry in 2016 and has improved the frequency of publication from less than quarterly to quarterly. France-MEAE went from less than quarterly publication to monthly publication.

Both French organisations score below average for all components but project attributes. France-MEAE is doing slightly better than France-AFD on the finance and budget component, as it is providing forward-looking totals as well as disaggregated budgets. While France-MEAE does not score on any of the performance indicators, France-AFD is providing objectives in a comparable format.

France’s open data portal now includes information on both France-AFD and France-MEAE. Both organisations should work to publish data on their entire portfolio.

32. France-AFD - 46.4 33. France-MEAE - 45.9