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United Kingdom


While UK-DFID is placed in the ‘very good’ category, and ranks third, the UK-FCO is placed in the ‘poor’ category, ranking 40th.

UK-DFID publishes to the IATI Registry on a monthly basis, whereas the UK-FCO publishes less than quarterly.

There are also discrepancies with regards to data published in the comparable IATI format: UK-DFID publishes 97% of indicators to IATI, whereas UK-FCO only provides 53%.

UK-DFID performs well and above average on all components, achieving its highest scores for organisational planning and commitments, as well as the joining-up development data components. UK-FCO does best on the project attributes and organisational planning and commitments components, scoring 57% and 56% of the total points for these components respectively. UK-FCO has most data gaps on finance and budgets and performance components. It publishes project budgets and disbursements and expenditures only and does not score on any of the performance indicators.

Very good
3. UK-DFID - 90.9
40. UK-FCO - 34.3