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World Bank


The World Bank’s International Development Association (World Bank-IDA) is placed in the ‘very good’ category and the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (World Bank-IFC) has moved up to the ‘fair’ category.

The World Bank-IFC has started publishing its data to the IATI Registry and publishes on a monthly basis. It thus publishes more frequently than the World Bank-IDA which publishes quarterly.

While the World Bank-IDA provides 94% of the indicators in the IATI format, the World Bank-IFC publishes only 59% of the indicators in a comparable format.

The World Bank-IDA scores above 80% for all components but finance and budgets. The World Bank-IFC also performs poorest for the finance and budget component. Major discrepancies between the two World Bank organisations become apparent on all components but organisational planning and commitments on which both perform well. The World Bank-IDA’s better performance is due to the publication of key indicators such as sub-national location, disbursements and expenditures, project budget documents, tenders and contracts all of which the World Bank-IFC does not provide. While the World Bank-IDA scores on all performance indicators, the World Bank-IFC receives points for objectives only.

Very good
6. World Bank-IDA - 86.0
27. World Bank-IFC - 52.0